Summary Report - Rubric Assessment

March 11, 2016 Kelly Basara

The Summary Report is a Faculty End of Exam Report which shows an overview of performance for both Exam Takers and category performance, as well as the effectiveness of each question on the assessment. When using Rubric Assessments, the system will take into account the various grading methods as well as different weightings for each dimension of the Rubric.

Exam Performance shows various performance levels of all Exam Takers on this exam posting, including the Average Score, Low Score, and High Score, as well as a Histogram of the Total Student Performance of the Grading Percentage.

Learning Outcomes / Category Performance illustrates the performance of Exam Takers in each category assessed on this exam posting. The categories presented within the report can be selected within User Preferences. The User also has the option to add more categories to be presented on the report, as well as the option to report on the top 25 most used categories on the exam (based on the dimension count). The number of dimensions from each category will be listed along with the levels of categories.

At Risk Students displays the academic performance of the lowest 27% of Exam Takers, helping Users to identify and work with those learners.

The Rubric Performance charts the performance of each dimension, including the Upper and Lower 27th percentiles, Discrimination Indices, Difficulty Indices, and Grading Frequencies per column.

To access the Rubric Summary Report:

  • Select a Rubrics assessment from the Assessments main page, click on the  Reporting/Scoring sub-tab, and selectthe Summary Report from the drop down-menu.
  • Alternatively, the User can add a column to the Assessment main page to access all of the
    reporting options. Select the drop- down menuand choose the Summary Report.


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