Best Practices for Exam Takers

March 15, 2016 Kelly Basara

Downloading and Registering

You will receive detailed instructions in the Welcome Email from your institution.

  • Visit your Institution's Portal by following the link provided within the email
  • Log in under "Exam Takers" section using your Student ID and Password provided within the email

Before downloading SofTest® double check:

  • A/C – Battery power indicator light
  • Computer is virus free and has all updates
  • Computer meets minimum system requirements

Minimum System Requirements

Review the Minimum System Requirements and verify that your device meets these requirements. 

  • Download and install SofTest®on the
    computer you will use 
    for testing.
  • Enter Institution ID.
  • Register using Login ID and Password.
  • Do it early! Do not wait until the exam day to download and install SofTest® on your laptop.

Preparing for your Exam

  1. Take a Mock Exam (if made available to you). 
  2. Watch for email notifications to download  exams.
  3. Download all exams as soon as they are available.
  4. Check that your computer’s date and time are accurate.
  5. Arrive at the exam site at least 15 minutes early.
  6. Charge your laptop battery and bring your power cord.
  7. Disable any antivirus software prior to launching a secure exam.
  8. Before upgrading your current OS, check against SofTest's current minimum system requirements to ensure compatibility with the new OS.

Taking your Exam

During your exam, you can set a reminder  alarm to appear at a specific time during  the exam. First, access the Tools and then the Reminder Alarm menu. Be sure to click the Set button to activate the alarm. Note,
SofTest will allow you to save your answers in the exam every 60 seconds.

How to Navigate through Question Items 

  • You can toggle (or switch) between questions 
    using the blue navigation arrows.
  • The Question Navigator button on the menu
    bar displays a list of 
    all questions in a separate 
  • You can view all unanswered questions.
  • If backward navigation is allowed, you can
    mark questions 
    to revisit.
  • You can navigate to another question by clicking on the question number.

After the Exam

After completing the exam, wait until you see the GREEN confirmation screen. An email will be sent to the address you used
when you registered 
SofTest®. This email may take up to 15 minutes to be generated. The email will confirm the upload of your answer file. 

On the green screen, you can click the History button to review your upload and download history. Checking this history report will RECONFIRM the uploading of your answer file.

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