Advanced Essay Grading with Rubrics

March 15, 2016 Kelly Basara

Essay questions on delivered assessments can be chosen to be graded by a point value or by a rubric. This guide will review grading essays with Rubrics. If you would like to learn more about grading essays with Points, check out our Grading Essays with Points guide.

Note: Depending on the settings for your ExamSoft Portal, you may or may not see all that is included within this guide.

Grading Essays with Rubrics

1. Navigate to an assessment that has been delivered, containing essay questions.

2. Clicking on Grade Essays will take you to the Grading Setup screen. Here you will see a list of only the essay questions on the assessment, the Max Points for each essay question, Grading Type (Points or Rubrics) and the actions column with the ability to Manage Settings/Grade. The last two rows of the grid will also display the Objective Question Points, as well as the Total Assessment Points.

3. The first step to grade Exam Taker’s essay using Rubrics would be to select the Rubrics option from the Grading Setup screen.

4. Once the Rubrics option has been selected, a button to Add Rubrics will appear. Clicking this button will open a modal window where you can select any number of created Rubrics to be used in the grading process.

5. To add a single rubric to the essay question, you may simply click the    symbol in the actions column for that rubric. To add multiple rubrics at once, check the check boxes next to each rubric you would like to add and click Add Selected to Question at the bottom of the window.  Then, click the Close button to return to the Grading Setup screen.

6. The Grading Setup grid will then refresh to show the rubric(s) selected, their weight, and action buttons to view or remove a certain rubric. You can edit the weight using the fields in the weighting column.

  • Clicking either the magnifying glass or the name of the rubric will open a new window displaying the selected rubric. The red X will allow you to remove the rubric from the question.

7. Once you are satisfied with the Rubric(s) added to the question, click the Save button to finalize your progress so far. The screen will refresh to show confirmation message that the Grading Setup has been saved. 

8. Click the Manage Settings / Grade button to continue. You will then have the option to select different postings or navigate between questions. The page will populate to show the same tabs we saw when setting up points grading: Basic Grading and Advanced Grader Assignments.

Basic Grading

Basic Grading will allow you access to grade each rubric for each Exam Taker’s response.

1. Click the Grade All Rubrics button to grade all Exam Takers and corresponding Rubrics for the essay question. 

2. You will also see the list of Rubrics assigned to the question, with a Grade Rubric and View Grading button next to each. Clicking Grade Rubric will allow you to grade all Exam Takers on that particular rubric. Clicking View Grading will allow you to see the rubrics per exam taker in a read-only manner.

3. Click Grade Rubric or Grade All Rubrics to complete grading. This will open another window with a list of Exam Takers, students that submitted their essays will have a Grade button next to their name.

4. Click Grade next to an Exam Taker will bring you to the grading screen. On the left, you can see the question as well as the Exam Taker’s response with options to change the spacing and font size of the Exam Taker’s response. On the right, you will see the rubric selected. Complete the rubric by selecting the appropriate level for each dimension and adding comments as applicable.

5. Once the rubric has been graded, click Save. You can then choose to navigate to the next rubric, question, or exam taker to continue grading.

Advanced Grading Assignments

1. Clicking the Advanced Grader Assignments tab will refresh the page and allow you to setup the grader assignments for another person, or select multiple people to grade. 

2. On the next screen, the grid will display the rubric(s) and buttons to Add Grader Assignment(s) for each. If you have multiple rubrics, you can easily bulk assign graders to the same grader assignment using the Add Grader Assignment (All Rubrics) feature.

For information on setting up the Advanced Grader Assignments, please refer to Managing Advanced Grader Assignments guide.

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