Deleting an Answer File

March 15, 2016 Kelly Basara

ExamSoft permits only one answer file upload for each Exam Taker per assessment. Users with full admin rights are able to delete an answer file on an assessment for an Exam Taker on an as-needed basis. Deleting an answer file will remove the previously uploaded answer file for an Exam Taker allowing them to upload a new one.

Deleting an Exam Taker Upload Record

1. Navigate to the Assessments tab.

2. Select an assessment.

3. Select the Exam Taker Activity tab.

4. The list of Exam Takers who have  access to the assessment will display.

5. Click the Pencil Icon in line with the Exam Taker desired. The manage Exam Taker
window will appear.

6. Click the Trash Bin icon.

7. Click OK to confirm decision.

8. Click Save.

Once you delete an Answer File it cannot be retrieved. It is recommended that users review the answer file before deleting to confirm the need to replace the file.

Reasons to Delete an Answer File Upload

  • Exam Taker has issues with uploading exam.
  • Exam Taker had hardware problems during the exam and completed the exam using another method (i.e. Scantron bubble sheet).
  • Exam Taker is provided another copy of the exam as a make-up or retake assessment.
  • Exam Taker had a false start with their exam and has not actually seen nor answered any questions. In this case, the Exam Taker will need another download of the assessment.
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