Rubric Reports: Detailed Grader & Rubric Analysis Report

March 16, 2016 Kelly Basara

Users have the option to generate and release customizable reports based on performance assessments graded with rubrics.

Detailed Grader Report

The Detailed Grader Report is accessible in both assessments with essays and performance assessments, and can be accessed during both basic and advanced grading.

1. In an assessment, navigate to the Grade tab.

2. Click the Detailed Grader Report button to generate this report.

3. The report will download to your device as a .csv file.

Rubric Analysis Report

This report allows users to take an in-depth look at each Rubric and its performance.

1. Select an Assessment from the
Assessments tab.

2. Hover over Reporting/Scoring tab
and click Rubric Analysis.

3. Select the Rubric(s) and Categories
to include in the report (not required).

4. Select other items to include and click View Report.

5. View detailed statistics for each dimension of the Rubrics.

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