Rubric Reports: Exam Taker Results & Releasing Results Reports

March 16, 2016 Kelly Basara

Users have the option to generate and release customizable reports based on performance assessments graded with rubrics.

Exam Taker Results Report

The Exam Taker Results report gives faculty the ability to see a list of student scores in one convenient view.

1. Click the Assessments tab.

2. Select a Posted Assessment from the list of options.

3. Hover over the Reporting/Scoring tab
and select Exam Taker Results.

4. Filter results from the list of options
and select View Standard Report

5.   A customized report will appear on
the screen.

Releasing Results to Students

1. Hover over the Reporting/Scoring tab and click Release Results.

2. Select students to release reports to from the list of Exam Takers and click Next.

3. Set a Results Password (optional), select categories to include, and customize scoring options.

4. Click Post to Exam Taker Portal to distribute results.

5. Students may now retrieve scores.

a. Instruct the Student to Login into the Portal
using unique student ID and password.

b. Click the Courses tab 

c. Locate the course that the Assessment was
posted to. If results were recently released, a
green indicator will appear.

d. Find the specific assessment and then click View Results.

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