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March 16, 2016 Josh Neidish

ASSESSMENTS - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the assessment password work?

A: The Assessment Password is created by whomever posts the assessment and must be entered by each student in order to gain access to take the assessment. The password is the same for everyone who takes a given posting of an assessment and cannot be modified after posting an assessment. This password must be alphanumeric, minimum of 6 characters (at least 1 number), is case-sensitive, and may also include symbols.

Q: How does the "Scheduled On" field work?

A :The Scheduled On field is NOT required and only serves as a data point you can use to aid in organization. It does not have any impact on when the students can take the assessment. However, many users find it useful as a reference point.

Q: How does Remote Assessment Deletion (RAD) work? Is the file removed at the exact time I set?

A: Remote Assessment Deletion is performed during SofTest's hourly update check (internet connection is required). If SofTest detects during this check that an assessment has passed its deletion time, it removes it from the Exam Taker’s machine if it has not yet been taken. Depending on what time you set the RAD time for, there could be a delay until SofTest's auto-update task runs again. Students must be connected to the internet in order for the RAD check to happen. The most effective way to ensure that a student does not have access to an assessment after your set RAD time is to enable Ping and Release in conjunction with RAD. This combination forces an "on-demand" check to happen when the student tries to access an exam, and if it detects that the set RAD time has passed, it will immediately delete the assessment from the student's system. For more information on RAD, check out this Quick Reference Guide.

Q: How do I post an assessment to a select group of students?

A: When you post an assessment to a given course, it will be available to ALL students in that course. So, you can add the select students to a new course, and post the assessment to the new course which contains only the desired students. For more best practices on posting make- up assessments, please refer to this Quick Reference Guide.

Q: I posted an assessment, but I need to edit the assessment. Can I make changes?

A: It depends! As long as no Exam Takers have downloaded the assessment, you can delete the posting and start over. If any Exam Takers have downloaded the assessment, you can modify select attributes related to the logistics of the posting (download window, upload deadline, etc.) but not the content of the exam. Please see the Editing an Assessment quick reference guide for more information.

Q: How do students know when they have an assessment available for download?

A: There are no automatic notifications that are sent out upon posting an exam. This allows you to configure the exam well in advance or use SofTest in a computer lab without sending unnecessary emails to students. However, you have the option to set up a download reminder when posting the assessment. This will send an email to students who have not downloaded the assessment by the date and time you specify. You can also use our system to email students via the Exam Taker Activity tab of an assessment to send out notifications if desired. Check out our Quick Reference Guide for more information on notifying Exam Takers of exam availability.  

Q: I am trying to edit my posting but when I try to save I see a message that says the download/upload time has passed. How do I save my changes?

A: Simply extend (or edit) the date and time in the Download End and Upload Deadline fields.

Q: If a student has an accommodation for extended time during exams, does their upload deadline get extended?

A: The upload deadline is not impacted by accommodations and is consistent for everyone who took a particular posting of an assessment. For information on how accommodation rules work, check out the Managing Accommodation Rules Quick Reference Guide.

Q: Am I able to view an Exam Taker’s progress while they are taking their exam?

A: Because SofTest is an offline testing solution, meaning all network connections are disabled during a secure exam, data will populate in the online portal AFTER students upload their answer files. You can track which students have downloaded and uploaded their exam files under the Exam Taker Activity tab of an assessment. Please allow up to 15 minutes for the system to update the Exam Taker Activity page with the most recently uploaded answer files. For guidance on how to use the Exam Taker Activity tab within an assessment, refer to the second section of this Quick Reference Guide.

Q: Can I provide Exam Takers extra time on an exam once they have already started their assessment?

A: Due to the offline nature of SofTest, once the student has entered an assessment, there is no way for the proctor to alter settings (including time) on the assessment.

Q: How can I confirm that the exam is available to my list of students?

A: We can use the Exam Taker Activity tab from the Assessment page to confirm that your exam has been posted to the correct list of students.  Simply click on the Advanced Search option and change the "Download Assessment" filter to All.  This will show a list of all the students the exam is available to within the selected course.  Please allow up to 15 minutes for the system to update the Exam Taker Activity page with the most recently posted assessments. You can even use the additional fields available to further filter your search by posting!

Q: How do I import scantron answer files?

A: To use our Scantron import feature, you must first export the test via the "Print/Export" button. Be sure to change the default export setting from ‘Computer Based Format’ to ‘Scantron’ in the drop-down. Then, you will see the interface for importing Scantron results. For additional instructions on Scantron and importing answers, check out this Quick Reference Guide.

Q: When a student is in a Secure Exam Review after a randomized assessment, will they see the questions in the same order as was originally displayed on the assessment?

A: Students will see the questions in the order displayed on their assessment if they are participating in SER immediately after the assessment. If they are completing a Delayed Secure Exam Review, they will see the questions displayed in the order in which they were originally placed when creating the assessment.

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