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March 17, 2016 Josh Neidish

Q: I have full administrator rights, so why am I unable to see some Users?

A: Per our hierarchy, you cannot see or edit Users at the same permission level as you. You also won’t see your own account in the list of users, but you can go to “My Account” by clicking on the gear located in the top right corner of your portal and verify your access rights. Check out this Quick Reference Guide for more information on setting permissions levels for users.

Q: I made a mistake when creating/importing courses. Can I delete a course?

A: In the interest of maintaining accurate records, courses cannot currently be deleted. However, you can make them "inactive" so they are hidden from lists that faculty see when posting an exam.

Q: How do I delete or deactivate students from our database?

A: To preserve data, student accounts are never deleted from the system - only set to an "inactive" status so they cannot be used. In order to deactivate a student, go to the Exam Takers tab, locate the Exam Taker and click the red “x” button or select the multiple Exam Takers and select “Delete Selected” at the bottom of the page. You can locate inactive students by using the advance search on the Exam Takers page. Please refer to our Quick Reference Guide on Exam Taker Management.

Q: How do I delete a course from our database?

A: To preserve data, courses cannot be deleted, but they can become inactive or “unavailable” so that no activity can take place within the course. To do so, go to the Course Management page and select the “Edit” icon and adjust the start and end dates for the course to a past date. This will remove the course from the “Available” list of courses and move it to “Unavailable.”

Q: What are my options for installing SofTest in a computer lab?

A: In most cases, installing SofTest in a lab setting is very similar to installing SofTest on a single machine. We will work with you to install and test SofTest in your lab environment. 

Q: Is Single Sign-on available?

A: We currently offer LDAP and SAML as a single-point authentication system by which the student can use their institution-issued credentials to log into our system, for ease of use.

Q: Should I be worried about losing data if I deactivate Exam Taker accounts?

A: Student accounts are never fully "deleted" and their historical data and exam performance is retained for your access for reporting purposes.

Q: How can I create Exam Taker Groups?

A: You must create Exam Taker Groups by importing a list of the desired groups within the "Exam Taker" or "Courses"pages. For more information on how to create Exam Taker Groups, check out the second page of this Quick Reference Guide.

Q: Are all passwords case sensitive?

A: Only assessment passwords and login passwords are case sensitive.

Q: Do I have to enable LDAP in order to integrate with Blackboard?

A: LDAP and Blackboard are completely separate features and do not depend on one another. You can use them independently, or can use them in conjunction with one another if desired.

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