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March 17, 2016 Josh Neidish

REPORTING AND SCORING - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many times can an Exam Taker upload the same exam answer file?

A: For security purposes, students are only permitted to upload one answer file to our system at a time. In unique situations such as retakes, Admins can clear answer files on a per-student basis so select students can upload a different answer file.

Q: I forgot to apply a weight to my exam. Can I change the weight of my exam afterwards?

A: Yes! The adjust scoring will allow you to change how the exam is weighted after the exam has been posted. For additional details, please see our Quick Reference Guide on adjusting questions and answer keys. If the exam has not yet been posted, you can change the weights of your questions from Question’s page when making your questions, or from the Assessment’s page when building your exam.

Q: How do I adjust grades/scoring after Exam Takers have uploaded their files?

A: Users may adjust  individual students’ scores on the Exam Taker Activity page using the “Score Adjustment” column by adding or deducting points from exam takers’ scores and clicking “Save Score Adjustments” accordingly. Additionally, a user can conduct scoring adjustments by navigating to the “Adjust Scoring” tab within an assessment. A user can make changes to specific questions, allowing them to accept different answer choices, mark a question as a bonus, give exam takers full credit, throw out questions, or even adjust the weight of a question. Please refer to our Quick Reference Guide on scoring adjustments.

Q: How do I view/print an Exam Taker’s answers and results?

A: Once an assessment has been posted and answer files have been uploaded by students, users may navigate to the “Reporting/Scoring” tab within an assessment and select “Exam Taker Results.” Here, they may select the information they would like to appear on the report, click “View Report” and select the exam takers they would like to include in the report. The user will then click “Export to PDF” and select the additional information they would like to include, and then “Run Report.” Users will be presented with a downloadable PDF document that includes all information previously specified. Please refer to our Quick Reference Guide on Exam Taker Results.

Q: Why is it taking so long for my report to generate?

A: The time required to generate a report depends on the number of Exam Takers selected and the number of questions on the assessment. Some reports may take up to a few hours to generate due to amount of computation required (i.e. longitudinal analysis). 

Q: How can I change which categories are showing up on my report?

A: When running most reports within the portal, there is a button that will allow you to select which categories you would like to include in the desired report. Keep in mind that deselecting/selecting a parent level checkbox has no effect on sub categories,  Checking “Category Full Path” will display all categories housed within the parent category. For more details on how to select categories, check out this Introduction to Reports video, or this Quick Reference Guide on Category Reports.

Q: What type of psychometric data can I report on, and which reports include it?

A: Exam Statistics including mean, median, standard deviation, KR-20 can be found on the Item Analysis and Summary Reports. Question Statistics including difficulty index, discrimination index, point bi-serial, and response frequencies can be found on the Item Analysis as well as in the question history for each question. For additional details, please see our Quick Reference Guide on psychometric data.

Q: Is there a student-friendly report that we can send or show to the Exam Takers?

A: Yes! The Strength & Opportunities report is customizable to suit your feedback needs. Some of the options that you can include in this report are: category performance, exam general statistics, question and answer text, rational, answer key, and/or original question order. Simply check what you wish to include and:  1. Download the report; or 2. Send the report to students for them to access from your unique ExamSoft portal. Review our Quick Reference Guide on releasing results for more information. To download this report, open your exam and select Strengths and Opportunities from the Reporting/Scoring tab.

Q: Where do I keep my grades documented in the portal?

A: While ExamSoft is not an LMS and does not have a gradebook feature, you can still view results of past assessments if desired. You can easily export scores from assessments to your LMS, and we also offer direct integrations with Blackboard, Canvas, and Desire2Learn. You can also use our Grade Export feature to export an assessments’ grades. Check out this Quick Reference Guide for more information on Grade Export, and contact your Customer Success Specialist to discuss the enabling of this feature.

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