FlexSite Express (EiX)

March 17, 2016 Kelly Basara

FlexSite Express is used to quickly create essay and multiple choice assessments. As displayed below, no content will be in the question text field. This type of assessment requires Exam Takers be given a hard copy of the question content.

*All other files relevant to the database (such as student.txt, course.txt, coursestudent.txt, examnum.txt) need to be imported before uploading the FSExpress.txt. file.

1. Navigate to the Assessments Tab.

2. Click Import EiX button.

3. Click Sample File to view the file format and instructions.

4. Create the FSExpress File. Keep the column headings in the first row of the file the same as those in the sample file. (* = required fields for file)

  • Client Course ID: Enter the Course ID. If left blank the assessment will be available to all ETs.
  • *Assessment Name: All spaces in the assessment name will be condensed. Use an underscore or dash in place of a space. Each assessment posting name must be unique or the assessment will not import.
  • *Number of Essay Questions: A number between 0 and 200 must be entered in this field.
  • *Secure: Place a Y, N, or N*, and NBI in this field (YSecure, N= Non-Secure N*=Non-Secure Suspend and NBINon-Secure Blocked Internet).
  • *Spell Check: Must enter Y for yes or N for no.
  • Time Limit: Enter the time limit imposed in minutes. Leave the field blank if there is no limit.
  • Assessment File Password: Type a password that students will need to enter before beginning the assessment. This password is optional and can be up to 12 characters (excluding commas, quotation marks, apostrophes).
  • *D/L Open: The start date that the Assessment is available for Exam Takers to download it; keep in mind, the time defaults to 12:00 AM of the chosen date.
  • *D/L Close Date: The end date that the Assessment is available for Exam Takers to download it; keep in mind the time defaults to 11:59 PM of the chosen date.
  • j*Email Exam Takers: Enter Y to send Exam Takers an email reminding them to download the assessment, and N if you do not want an email sent.
  • Number of MC Questions: Enter a number between 0 and 200 or leave the field blank. If the assessment has multiple  choice and essay questions on it, the multiple choice questions will always appear in the assessment first.
  • *Number of MC Answer Choices: enter a number between 2 and 10 or leave the field blank. Note that all MC questions in will have the same number of answer choices (This is only required if Multiple Choice questions are on the assessment).
  • Disable Copy/ Paste: Enter a Y to prevent students from copying and pasting in SofTest.

5. Save the file as FSExpress.txt (Tab Delimited Text).

6. Browse and Upload the file.

To import an additional assessment, the FSExpress.txt file only needs to include that additional assessment and not all the assessments that have already been created.

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