Duplicating vs. Reposting Assessments

March 17, 2016 Josh Neidish

Duplicating an Assessment

It is best to duplicate an assessment when there are minor changes that need to be made to a specific assessment. When an assessment is duplicated, it creates a separate Exam ID. The questions and categories included will continue to provide statistical and performance data; however, they will be separated from previous assessments. The information cannot be combined with other results for comparison. In order to duplicate:

1. Select the assessment

2. Click Duplicate.

3. Assessment will open with a new ID number.

4. Make changes as needed, including:

  • Title
  • Creator
  • Folder
  • Questions
  • Notices
  • Scoring
  • Securing Options
  • Assessment Options to Enable
  • Assessment Attachments
  • Font Overrides

5. Click Save or Post Assessment

Things to consider when Duplicating an Assessment:

  •  A duplicated assessment is a brand new assessment.
  •  Student and Category performances can still be tracked.
  •  Data from duplicated assessments cannot be combined into a single report.

Reposting an Assessment

It is best to repost an assessment when setting up the same assessment for multiple sections of a course, or when creating a make-up assessment for an Exam Taker. A reposted assessment maintains the same Exam ID. Each posting can have its own password, download start and end dates, along with separate email reminders. Each reposted assessment will permit users to compile the data from all Exam Takers. Reposting allows you to review their academic progress on the same assessment AND evaluate the statistical data on item and category performance on the same assessment. In order to repost:

1. Select an Assessment.

2. Click Post Assessment.

3. Enter the new posting information.

4. Click Post Assessment.

5. Each repost will appear under the initial posting.

Things to consider when Re-posting an Assessment:

  • A reposted assessment is an exact copy of the original.
  • No part of the assessment (such as questions or scoring) can be altered only the posting parameters (such as download dates and exam password).




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