FAQs on Taking Exams

March 18, 2016 Josh Neidish

Taking Exams - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between SofTest and SofTest-M? 

A. SofTest is the application used to take exams on a Mac or PC.

SofTest-M is an application used to take exams on an iPad.

Check out the minimum system requirements here!

Q. How do I download SofTest onto my device?

A. SofTest

  • Log into the ExamSoft portal.
  • Click ‘Download’ in the 'Getting Started' Tab

A. SofTest-M

  • Search for SofTest-M in the App store
  • Install.

Q. How do I download or take a Mock Exam or an Exam?

A. Once the Exam is downloaded click the ‘Take an Exam’ button and enter any required information denoted by a red asterisk to begin your exam. Your exam password should be provided for you on exam day.

Q. How do I use SofTest or SofTest-M?

A. It's very simple. Click here for a short video on SofTest and here for a short video on SofTest-M. 

Q. How do I reverse download my exam?

A. Reverse Downloading your exam will remove it from your device. Click your Operating System to find the corresponding instructions: (Windows, Mac, iPad).

Q. SofTest did not automatically upload my exam after exiting secure mode. What do I do now?

  • Check for an active internet connection.
  • Double click the SofTest icon on your desktop and SofTest should open and upload your exam.
  • If this does not work, you will need to attempt a manual upload
  • You must be able to connect the iPad to a computer withiTunes installed.
  • Contact support at (866) 429-8889.
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