Releasing Results to Exam Takers

March 18, 2016 Josh Neidish

Timely feedback on assessments can be provided to Exam Takers that impact their learning experience. Releasing results is a quick and easy way to show Exam Takers how they performed on a recent exam that enables them to monitor their own progress and make adjustments to their studying strategies.

Users may choose the specific information they want to release to Exam Takers after each assessment. The report will show their grade versus the class average, as well as give them a breakdown of their performance based on categories.

1. Navigate to the Assessments tab.

2. In the assessment desired, select Release Results.

3. Select the Exam Takers and click Next.

4. Select the options desired to appear on the student report.

5. Click Preview to download and view a copy of the report prior to releasing results to Exam Takers.

6. Click Post to Exam Taker Portal to immediately post the results to the Exam Taker portal.

7. Click Send Link With email to send a link to the report in a customized email to Exam Takers. Clicking Preview will allow the User to preview the email being sent out.


This report is better known as the Strengths and Improvement Opportunities Report. The user can include the top 25 categories in the report, or select desired categories. This report shows an individual Exam Taker's exam and category performance on a specified exam posting.

A confirmation will appear when the results post successfully and when the emails have been sent.

If the user releases results a second time, the first copy of the results will be removed. So, if the results are released to just one student a second time, all other students will not be able to see their originally released results.

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