Using the Angoff Method

April 4, 2016 Aubri Bleacher

The Angoff Method is a scoring system that allows you to use Cut Scores on each question to determine a passing score on an assessment. 

Adding Cut Scores to your Questions

The first step to using the Angoff Method is to add Cut-Off Scores to each of your questions. This can be done when building the question or when building the assessment. 

  1. Create a new question or edit an existing question. 
  2. In the options section, add your Cut Score as a decimal between 0 and 1. This number should correspond to the expected percentage of students that will get this question correct. 
  3. Save and Approve your Question as normal. 

Setting up Your Assessment

  1. Create a new Question Bank assessment or edit an existing assessment. 
  2. In the Scoring section, select Angoff Method as the Grading Method. Keep in mind this will alter your grade scales. 
  3. Once Angoff Method is selected, you will notice that the Cut Score column appears in the question listing and is an editable field. 
  4. All questions must have cut scores indicated to proceed. The Cut Score column will show the Cut Score on the question. If a Cut Score has not been indicated on the Question, the cut score field will show blank. You can add cut scores or edit existing cut scores from this column. 
  5. Once all cut scores have been indicated, post your assessment as normal. 

Note that you can change your grading method in Adjust Scoring after posting the assessment. If you accidentally selected the wrong method, navigate to the Adjust Scoring tab and update to the appropriate method. If all questions do not have cut scores, you must add cut scores to all questions via Adjusting the Questions prior to being able to change the grading method to Angoff Method

Scoring your Assessment

If Angoff Method is selected when configuring the assessment or selected on the Adjust Scoring page after the assessment has been posted, ExamSoft will automatically calculate the pass score based on the Angoff Method and adjust your grade scales. 

The formula used to calculate the pass rate using the Angoff Method is below: 

  1. Open a delivered assessment that has Angoff Method selected as the scoring method. 
  2. Navigate to the Adjust Scoring tab. 
  3. Navigate to the Grade Scales tab. 
  4. Your grade scale will reflect a pass rate minimum points and percentage. If you wish to adjust your grade scales or use a traditional grading method, you must change the scoring method to Default in the Adjust Scoring tab. 

For More Information on how the Cut-Score will appear on your reports, check out this Quick Reference Guide

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