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April 6, 2016 Rex McWilliams

The Angoff Method is a scoring system that allows you to use Cut Scores on each question to determine a passing score on an assessment.   The Summary Report, Strengths and Opportunities Report, Release Results, and the Item Analysis Reports will display the Assessment Cut Score. For more information on configuring your cut scores, check out this Quick Reference Guide

Summary Report

When running a Summary Report for an Assessment with Cut Scores, the Report will include a simple addition beneath the Assessment Score Reliability (KR-20) measurement.


Strengths & Opportunities Report

When preparing to send the Report, there will be a new check box within the Assessments column to include the Cut Scores within the Strengths & Opportunities report.  Note, the Angoff Method must have been selected as the Grading Method for the Assessment.

With this option selected, the Cut Score will appear above the Exam Taker's score and the Average Score.

Release Results

As with the Strength & Opportunities Report, if you wish to include the Cut Score within the Report, the Assessment Cut Score box must be selected when preparing the report. The Assessment Cut Score will appear above the Exam Taker's score.


Item Analysis Report

The Item Analysis Report will display the individual Item's Cut Score, as well as all other Item metrics. Note the Question Cut Score displayed on this report reflects what was set for the Question when the Assessment was posted. The Question Cut Score will be displayed above the line break. 

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