Best Practices for Graders Using PrintX - 1.0

April 6, 2016 Rex McWilliams

Although the printouts have been manually audited, when reviewing printed answers, it is important to utilize certain tools and indicators created to validate each document’s integrity. These safeguards help avoid missing or blank answer files or pages caused by any printer interruption or lost Internet connection during the printing process.

The most important tools to look for are:

  1. List of Unanswered Essay Questions
  2. End of Exam Mark
  3. Header with ID and Exam Name
  4. Footer with number of pages

Once a print job is complete, ExamSoft reviews the List of Unanswered Essay Questions to ensure this is a complete answer file.

  1. If it has been determined that an applicant did not answer a
    question, the answer file should be marked with a stamp.
  2. END OF EXAM Mark should appear at the end of each answer file. This is to ensure the file was printed in its entirety.
  3. The header printed on each page includes applicant’s ID/seat number, which is an indicator that the file belongs to this applicant. 

4. The footer located at the bottom of each page includes the page number and total number of pages to ensure the answer file was printed in its entirety. 

When to Escalate to Bar Administrator?

Contact your Bar Administrator if the answer file you are reviewing does not contain the end of exam mark or if there are missing pages so this can be researched further. If you happen to locate blank answer files that do not contain a stamp or include any type of ERROR or abnormal content (see the example below), contact the Bar Administrator.

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