Auditing Printed Answer Files Using PrintX - 1.0

April 6, 2016 Rex McWilliams

A thorough audit process ensures the integrity of the printed answer files. The audit needs to be completed to avoid missing or blank answer files caused by any printer interruption or lost Internet connection during the printing process.

The most important tools for the audit are:

  1. List of Unanswered Essay Questions
  2. End of Exam Mark

In PrintX always select ‘List of Printed Exams’ and List of
Unanswered Essay Questions
’ under Content Options. Those
two lists will print following each print job.

  1. Under Suppression Option, ensure that ‘END OF EXAM’ Mark
    is unchecked. This will add a mark at the end of each answer
    file to ensure the whole file was printed.
  2. Once the print job is complete, go through the stack of printed
    answer files to ensure they were printed in order by checking
    header for the ID and exam name and footer for the number
    of pages.
  3. Identify missing exams or pages by flagging blank pages. A missing End of Exam indicates the file was not printed correctly, and these pages must be flagged.

4. In addition to blank pages, make sure to flag anything that says ‘ERROR’ or includes abnormal content (see the example below).

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