Character Count, Snapshots, and Logs in PrintX - 1.0

April 7, 2016 Rex McWilliams

PrintX provides Exam Managers (EM's) a complete picture of Exam Taker’s (ET’s) actions during an exam through specific details such as Character Count, Snapshots and Exam Logs. Each of these reports will itemize the recorded actions taken by an ET during an exam.

To access any of these details:

  1. Log into PrintX.
  2. Select the exam to review.
  3. Click the List Exam Takers button.
  4. Check the ET ID or Exam Number to review.
  5. Follow the remaining steps in each section to generate a report with the specific details.

Character Count Details

The Character count will display the number of characters typed by the ET every minute.

  1. On the left-hand side, select the character
    count and character count details boxes.
  2. Click the Preview button. The character count
    details are displayed for each minute of the exam.

Analyzing the Character Details below:

This ET began the Exam at 9:39 and did not type any characters. At 9:57 the ET still has not typed in the Exam. The ET started to type a response by 9:58. At that time, the ET typed a total of 41 characters including spaces and returns, and (30) characters not including spaces and returns. 

Viewing the Character Details at the end of this exam: The character count decreased from 11608 characters at 12:32 to 11577 characters at 12:33 indicating that the ET deleted text.

Note, If there is a large decrease in Character Count that is concerning, it is recommended that EM's review the Shapshots and Exam Logs for more details.


A Snapshot is automatically taken every 10 minutes. It displays the content within the ETs answer file at various times during the exam. Snapshots are also triggered by question navigation, deletion of over 500 characters and when ETs exit the exam. Select the Snapshots button to view the History.

EMs can view Snapshots for every question. EMs can switch questions by
selecting the different question numbers from the
dropdown menu. EMs will be able to view the content
in each question by selecting a Snapshot in the
Snapshot History and viewing the content in the
window below. EMs have a general picture of ETs content during an exam when viewing Snapshot History. 

In this example, the ET has deleted a large amount of text. The Snapshot displays the deleted text. A Warning Message 
will appear when an ET attempts to delete more than 500 characters. 
The ET must confirm that they want to delete this amount of text. Just clicking on ‘Enter’ will not delete their content. The ET must actively confirm the deletion of text.

Exam Logs

Everytime SofTest is open, the actions performed will be logged. An Exam Log helps an EM to identify the ETs behavior during an exam, and if any abnormalities occurred. 

  1. In the Content Options section, check the Exam Log box.
  2. Click the Preview button. The Exam Logs will follow the answer content.

The Exam Log below show the initialization of an Exam. The Exam Log records every action SofTest is performing.

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