Using PrintX 2

April 7, 2016 Rex McWilliams

PrintX 2 is used to print and export essay questions from assessments taken in SofTest. Within PrintX 2, there are many options available to ensure assessment integrity and security.

Downloading and Installing

  1. Log into your ExamSoft Portal
  2. Navigate to the Global Settings section of the Admin tab.
  3. Click the PrintX section in the info pane at the right side of the screen.
  4. Click Download. Note, PrintX 2 is a Windows based application. To run PrintX 2 on a Mac OS X computer, you will need to install PrintX 2 using Parallels, Fusion, or VMWare.

Managing your Default Profile

Your Default Profile is a set of settings that ensure print jobs are set to the specifications you need. These settings are tied to your ExamSoft account, and will follow you no matter what device you log into PrintX 2 on. Note, Default Profiles cannot be deleted.

  1. Click the PrintX 2 icon. Login using your Portal email address and password.
  2. Click Manage Profile. You can also access the Manage Profile page by clicking Manage, then Manage Profile in the task bar at the top of the screen.

3. Navigate through this window, selecting the options desired to customize how you want your print jobs to be formatted.

4. Click Save Profile. Clicking on the Home button in the taskbar will return you to the PrintX 2 main screen.

Using PrintX 2 with Multiple Profiles

PrintX 2 will now allow you to create up to 4 different User Profiles in addition to the Default Profile. To create additional printing profiles, click the Manage Profile button from the home screen.

To create a new printing profile, click the Add button at the top of this page. A popup will appear asking you to name the new profile. Click OK to accept.

Once the new profile has been created, select all the options you wish to set for this printing profile. When you are finished, click Save Profile to save. If you wish to switch between printing profiles, simply open the drop-down menu on this page, and select the name of the profile.

Note, any additional profiles are tied to your login credentials.

  • If you were to complete a printing job, close out of the program, and log back in using the same credentials on the same machine, your profile will be set to the last profile used.
  • However, if you were to complete a printing job, close out of the program, and log back in using the same credentials on a different machine, your profile will be set to Default.

Printing and Exporting with PrintX 2

  1. Click the PrintX 2 icon. Login using your Portal email address and Password. 
  2. Click Start a Print Job. You can also access the Print Job page by clicking File, then New Print Job in the task bar at the top of the screen.

3. In Step 1, choose the date range desired. Click Search. All assessments that were available for download within that range will appear in Step 2.

4. Select the assessments that you wish to view or print by placing a check mark next to the exam name.

5. In Step 3, select any of the many search options available to you:

  • The First Upload Attempt Before option allows you to show or hide assessments which an answer file upload attempt was made before a selected date.
  • The Hide Previously Printed option, when selected, will hide already printed assessments in the window.
  • The Include Missing Answers option, when selected, will show assessments with missing answer files in the search window.
  • The Printed Before option allows you to select a date parameter which will only show printed assessments that were printed before a selected date. This option is only available if the Hide Previously Printed option is selected.

6. Click Show Exam Takers to view a list of all Exam Takers that have uploaded answer files for the selected assessments.

7. Select the Exam Takers you wish to print in Step 4, and click Next at the bottom of the screen. If an Exam Taker's name is in red, it is because they don't have an answer file upload for one or more of the selected assessments.

8. In the Print Job window, you will have various options to select from prior to printing.

  • Clicking the Pencil Icon next to the printing profile dropdown menu allows you to modify your printing profile without causing you to lose your place. Once you edit your profile, click Save & Next to continue with your print job.
  • The Exam Log option adds an itemized log of every process the SofTest application makes until the completion of the assessment.
  • The Only Question option allows you to choose if you want to restrict the print file to a specific question
  • The Character Count option adds the character count after each answer. 
  • The Character Count Detail option provides character count information for each minute that the Exam Taker was answering a specific question. 

9. Clicking Export will save the print job to your computer as a PDF document.

10. Click Print to select the printer and print the job. Once the printer is selected, the job will print immediately. The printer dialogue box will not open, rather it applies the default settings for print jobs. You can change any default print settings through the Control Panel of your computer.

Printing in Order of ID / Exam Number

If you want your exams to print in order of Student ID, you will need to adjust the printer configuration for your machine.

  1. Navigate to the "Devices and Printers"
    section of the Control Panel.
  2. Right click on the intended printer and choose Printer Properties.
  3. Click on Advanced Tab
  4. Enable "Start printing after last page is spooled".
  5. Disable "Print spooled document first".




The PrintX 2 installer will automatically detect and install the required prerequistes for the application. In the event that the detection fails or these items are removed from the machine, the User may encounter an error and will be unable to use the application. If you receive an error prohibiting you from running PrintX 2 on your machine, you will need to download and install the following prerequisites:
Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Update 4
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

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