Delivering Assessments with SofTest-M

April 14, 2016 Josh Neidish

Assessment Administration with SofTest-M

Delivering assessments on SofTest-M is easy. You need to enabled the iPad option. This option can be found under the Options to Enable table when building an exam.


Exam Security and System Requirements

1. Guided Access: ExamSoft utilizes Guided Access to lock the iPad into a secure exam, eliminating the function of the home and power buttons. This is Apple's solution for locking the user inside an app which permits exams to be administered in a secure environment. The guided Access features is developed and maintained by Apple, not ExamSoft. This feature needs to be setup one time by the Exam Taker, and then enabled before taking an exam.

2. Airplane Mode: SofTest-M requires users to activate Airplane Mode to prevent internet connectivity during the exam. SofTest-M constantly monitors for any internet connection in case an alternate method is possible. Enabling Airplane Mode is required before taking a secure exam in SofTest-M.

3. Photo Access: SofTest-M requires access to an Exam Taker's photo library to ensure that no screenshots are taken during a secure exam. SofTest does not access photos but simply monitors activity to ensure a secure exam is administered.

4. Bluetooth Keyboards: Exam Takers can utilize their Bluetooth keyboards. They need to be turned on AFTER Airplane Mode is turned on.

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