Using SofTest for Take-Home Exams

April 14, 2016 Josh Neidish

SofTest offers a wide variety of options for Users when creating a take-home assessment. Below are some recommendations and selections for the User to utilize when assigning take-home assessments.

Assessment Performance Reports

ExamSoft offers detailed reports that support exam integrity. These reports are accessible in the Reporting/Scoring section of the assessment in the ExamSoft Portal and by selecting Assessment Performance Reports. Some of the reports available include:

  • Elapsed Time Report - This report allows Users to see how long it took the Exam Taker to complete the assessment, from start to end.
  • Mid-Assessment Restart Report - This report will show if an Exam Taker had to restart their device in the middle of the assessment and the number of times they did so.
  • Hardware Comparison Report - This report provides the operating system information of the device that the Exam Taker registered for SofTest on, downloaded the assessment to, uploaded the assessment from, and which Exam Taker account was logged in at the time of the assessment download.

Tools and Options

The following tools help to examine Exam Taker activity and detect any mass-imported, large quantities of text:

  • Snapshot Viewer – every 10 minutes or every time the Exam Taker navigates away from a question, SofTest takes a snapshot of the question.
  • Log Files – Log Files record every action taken by the Exam Taker throughout the assessment.

Time Limit – The timer starts as soon as the Exam Taker clicks the "Begin" button to start their assessment. By utilizing the Time Limit option, the Instructor can assign a timed, open-book assessment. The Exam Taker can access educational resources; however, they would not have the ability to pause/close the assessment and resume it at a later time.

Suspend – If the Suspend option is selected when creating an assessment, Exam Takers will be able to pause/stop the assessment and resume it later. When the Suspend option is used in conjunction with the Time Limit option, time during which the assessment is suspended as well as the time it takes for the assessment to boot up when restarted, does not count against the Exam Taker. 

Universal Resume Code

In the event that the Suspend option is not selected, and if the Exam Taker reboots their device and is out of SofTest for more than 10 minutes, they may be required to input a Universal Resume Code, depending on the User’s institution’s settings. The Universal Resume Code is a unique code randomly generated with each assessment and used to unlock a device that has shut down/rebooted during an assessment. In this case, Users may release the Universal Resume Code to the Exam Takers so that they do not get locked out of the take-home assignment.

It is important for Users that are giving instructions for take-home assessments understand their institution's settings.

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