User Rights Breakdown

May 12, 2016 Josh Neidish


Account Administration Rights
None Users will not have an Admin or Exam Takers tab, except if a course owner. If user is a course owner they will have the Exam Takers tab that will display only the exam takers in courses they own, but no edit rights to them.
Full Users will have Exam Takers and Admin tab access, but can't edit or even see other Users with admin rights; Users can create new users, but can only give new users restricted admin rights.  Can't key on features.  Can clear uploads for exams in folders they have rights to.
Restricted Users will have identical rights as users with "full" except they will not be able to create or edit Users (restricted users can view non-admins).
Key Admin Only one Key Admin per database.  This user can create and edit all other Users in the database, and can delete, inactivate, and activate other Users.  Can turn features off and on in Global Settings.


Assessment Rights


Track Read Only Create/Edit Post Score Full
Assessments tab x x x x x x
Contents tab:  only ID, Name, Type, Creator, Folder (the top left box on exam page) x x x x x x
Exam taker activity tab (excludes score adjustment rights) x x x x x x
Preview   x x x x x
View Posting   x x x x x
Reporting/Scoring Tab: can view all reports except Strengths & Opportunities/Release Results   x x x x x
*Create New Assessment     x x x x
Duplicate     x x x x
Print/Export       x   x
Post Assessment       x   x
Edit Postings       x   x
Grading Tab         x x
Import Answers (if applicable)         x x
Adjust Scoring         x x
Scoring Adjustment in Exam taker activity tab         x x
Strengths & Opportunities Report/Release Results         x x
Folder cogwheel options           x

*Must have at least Read-Only rights to a question folder to add questions to an exam.

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