Portal Release Notes - 5/18/16

May 13, 2016 Aubri Bleacher


  • Added the ability to see Registrations and Operating System Information for students using SofTest v12
  • Updated the file path that displays on the Manual Upload page to show the v12 file path when a students most recent registration is with SofTest v12
  • Added the ability to see the time of voucher attempts in the Voucher History Window


  • Fixed an issue where unscoring a student did not updated the 'Attempted' Question Statistic
  • Fixed an issue where uploaded artifacts for a performance assessment were inaccurately marked as 'Late' when the student did not download instructions
  • Fixed an issue where users page would not load if it had previously sorted by a column that is no longer available
  • Fixed an issue where Grade Export was not showing Student ID when Exam Numbers were used
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Using Law Class Feedback with ExamSoft

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