Examplify: Basic Lab Setup

June 23, 2016 Rex McWilliams

Please ensure that your Lab machines meet our Minimum System Requirements.

In situations where Examplify is being configured in a lab environment without the use of Lab Management, the setup process is fairly simple. By ensuring that Examplify is set up and registered for a Lab Environment, we can confirm that student's personal data will not be saved on the application between uses to help ensure security of the exam.

Before beginning the install process for Examplify, ensure that you have an Exam Taker account set up as a Lab User. This will be the account used to register Examplify. For more information on setting up Exam Taker accounts, please refer to the Exam Taker Management guide.  

Note, the Lab User checkbox may or may not be present depending on your Institution's portal settings. For this example, we are using a database that utilizes Bring Your Own Device as well as Lab-based testing.

1. Once an Exam Taker has been set as a Lab user, install Examplify in your lab environment. To do this, launch the "Examplify.exe" (or "Examplify.dmg") file, and follow the on-screen instructions of the installation package. The Customer Success Specialist of your institution can provide you a direct link to the installation files. Note, if you already have Examplify installed on the computer, you will need to unregister it. This is accomplished by navigating:
Home Menu -> Settings -> Clear Registration.

2. Examplify needs to be registered with a Lab Exam Taker account. Launch Examplify, and follow the on-screen instructions.  Enter your Institution ID, and click Next.

3. Enter the Lab Exam Taker ID and password. Click Sign In.

4. On this screen, you can set Examplify to remember the Institution ID. If your lab will be shared between multiple institutions, we recommend not remembering the Institution ID. 

5. Next, you will need to specify an Alternate Storage path in the event you utilize restoration software (such as Deep Freeze). If you do not utilize such software, select Skip. Note, all exam bundles and answer files will be stored to the specified directory. 

If you need to set an alternate storage path, please refer to the Examplify Lab Setup with Lab Management Systems guide.

6. Examplify is now successfully registered, installed, and ready to deploy. Warning, DO NOT open the Examplify program again until it has been deployed to all lab machines.

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