Examplify: Lab Guidelines

June 24, 2016 Rex McWilliams

Please ensure that your Lab machines meet our Minimum System Requirements.  

Anti-Virus Concerns  

ExamSoft works with the major antivirus providers to have us added to their signature based exceptions. Issues may arise with some antivirus applications when they utilize heuristic detection methods. This analysis sees the securing / un-securing behavior as malicious. This can usually be addressed by adding the Examplify directory to the exceptions list in the antivirus console.   

If you are experiencing false-positives via signature based detection, you may need to create an exclusion rule to exclude the full Examplify directory. Please reach out to your Customer Success Specialist with screenshots or a log from the antivirus console so we may rectify the issue with the antivirus vendor.

Network Drive 

At this time, we do not offer support for networked storage of Examplify related files. Examplify needs to be able to access files immediately after restarting the machine in order to resume an interrupted exam. Most network drives mount after logging in, and Examplify will miss the mid-exam restart trigger. 

Administrator Account

Examplify will need to be installed with administrator permissions, but will not need administrator privileges when students go to take their exams.

Mass Distribution

ExamSoft will provide assistance with the configuration of a base image or the first manually configured machine. We do not provide imaging support for mass distribution. Please reach out to the respective vendor for assistance with deploying images or managing software packages.

ExamSoft does not have a supported MSI that we can provide to you. Also, please note that Examplify does not currently support scripted / silent installs.

Mock Exam to validate configuration with Deep Freeze

Administer a mock exam, and type some content in the essay question answer field. Wait approximately three minutes, and shut down the machine using the power button (to simulate a mid-exam crash). Restart the machine, and if Examplify returns you to the exam with saved content, you have validated that the persistent storage is working properly.

The computer now needs to be rebooted into a frozen state. Afterwards, Exam Takers can begin to log into the machine and take their exams. All Examplify working files will be retained. 

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