Examplify Beta FAQs

June 29, 2016 Sofia Morales

What is Examplify?
Examplify is our newest addition to the ExamSoft product family, and is equipped with a brand new and improved interface and updated features!

What are the minimum system requirements?
Minimum system requirements for Examplify can be found here.

Will SofTest be automatically removed from student devices, or will it need to be uninstalled?
The newest versions of Examplify can coexist on the same device. But to use either, users must manually uninstall the older version of SofTest v12.

What are the steps to uninstall SofTest v12? 
Instructions to uninstall SofTest v12 from a Windows device can be found here
Instructions to uninstall SofTest v12 from a Mac device can be found here

Is this product also available for the iPad?
Yes! We are currently in beta for that product as well. For more information, please contact your Customer Success Specialist.

Will students still be able to use the current version of the software as well as the new beta product?
Yes! Either version may be used at the exam taker's discretion. Since  Examplify will not interfere or overwrite SofTest v11 or SofTest-M's files, students can securely take any exam with either platform.

How can I tell which version of Examplify my students have installed?
For any given registration period, you can view the Examplify version which individual students initially registered with by logging into your ExamSoft portal, and navigate to the Exam Taker Management section. You can view the (latest) Examplify version which individual students used to take an exam by viewing the ‘Exam Version’ column within the ‘Exam Taker Activity’ section for a given exam. 

How do I set up a lab with Examplify?
Please refer to our Examplify Basic Lab Setup guide. If your institution utilizes a Lab Management System, please refer to our Examplify Lab Setup with Lab Management Systems guide.

What are the guidelines for deploying Examplify in a lab?
Please refer to the Examplify Lab Guidelines for more information.

When will a troubleshooting guide be available for Examplify?
We don't have an exact availability date, but this is something we are working on and we will share on ExamSoft University soon. 

Do you have any webinars or training materials available for faculty and students who are new to Examplify?
Be on the lookout for emails, Community announcements, and other comminique regarding webinars!

How do Exam Takers go through the exam taking process (download, take, upload)?
Exam Takers must first download Examplify to the device that they will use for testing. Exam Takers can download Examplify using the directly link provided to them by their instructor. Exam Takers need to then complete the installation and registration steps (while connected to the internet). Once logged in, they will find their exam file from the Exam List and download their exam. Once the file is downloaded and it is time to begin the exam, they will open Examplify, select their downloaded exam and enter their exam password. After completing the exam and re-connecting to the internet, Exam Takers will see a green upload confirmation page. Please note that uploads should happen instantaneously provided the user has an active internet connection. but answer file processing may take up to 15 minutes. Please review our guide on Best Practices for Exam Takers for more information.

Does Examplify have capabilities such as magnify text or read out loud for students with disabilities? We offer extended time, spell check and non-secure accommodations for students. The non-secure accommodation allows for students to access the internet and/or external software that may provide necessary services for students. For more information on accommodation rules, please refer to this guide

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