Exporting to RTF - PrintX 2

July 12, 2016 Rex McWilliams
  1. Begin by logging into your account within the Print X 2 application.  
  2. To change your Export Format settings, choose Manage Profile from the Main Screen, or from the Navigation bar. 

3. Within the Print / Export Setup options, choose the RTF option as your Export Format. Click Save Profile to finalize this change.

4. Next, start a Print Job from the main screen, or from the Navigation bar.

5. In step 1, define your Print Job Assessment Search Date ranges. Click Search.

6. In step 2, select the assessment(s) from the Assessments Selection pane. 

7. With the assessment(s) selected, you will be able to set your Advanced Filters in Step 3. Click Show Exam Takers, and the list will populate below.

8. With the Exam Takers selected, click Next. If you need to make any changes prior to exporting the assessment(s), you may do so now.

9. On this page, you can review and add any details to the print file. At the bottom of the screen, select to Export the Print Job.  Choose the destination folder, and the answer files will be exported to RTF format for each Exam Taker.

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