Examplify: Best Practices for Students

August 2, 2016 Kelly Basara

Downloading Examplify:

To download Examplify, please refer to the email from your Instructor. For specific instructions regarding the installation process, please refer to our Installing and Registering Examplify guide.

Before installing Examplify, double check:

  • A/C – Battery power indicator light
  • Computer is virus free and has all updates
  • Computer meets minimum system requirements

Minimum System Requirements:

Review the Minimum System Requirements and verify that your device meets these requirements. 

  • Download and install Examplify® on the computer you will use for testing.
  • Enter your Institution ID.
  • Register your device using your ID and Password.
  • Do it early! Do not wait until the exam day to download and install Examplify on your device.

Preparing for an Upcoming Exam:

1) Take a Mock Exam (if made available to you). 

2) Watch for email notifications to download exams.

3) Download all exams as soon as they are available.

4) Check that your computer’s date and time are accurate.

5) Arrive at the exam site at least 15 minutes early.

6) Charge your laptop battery and bring your power cord.

7) Disable any antivirus software prior to launching a secure exam.

8) Before upgrading your current OS, check against Examplify's current minimum system requirements to ensure compatibility with the new OS.

Taking an Exam:

During your exam, you can set a reminder alarm to appear at a specific time during the exam.

  • First, access the Alarm button located in the top right hand corner of your exam.
  • Select Add Alarm and be sure to click the Create Alarm button to activate the alarm.
  • NoteExamplify will automatically save your answers in the exam every 60 seconds

How to Navigate Through Questions within an Exam:

  • You can toggle (or switch) between questions using the the Next button, to proceed to the next question, or selecting the <-- (back arrow), to navigate to the previous question.
  • You can also navigate through questions by selecting the down arrow in the bottom left hand corner or the up arrow in the top left hand corner of the screen.
  • You can simply navigate through questions by just selecting the question number within the navigation pane.
  • You can view all unanswered questions, through the question filters feature.
  • If backward navigation is allowed, you can also mark questions to revisit.

After an Exam:

After completing the exam, wait until you see the GREEN confirmation screen.

An email will be sent to the address you used when you registered Examplify®.

  • This email may take up to 15 minutes to be generated. 
  • The email will confirm the upload of your answer file. 

On the green screen, you can click the History button to review your upload and download history. Checking this history report will RECONFIRM the uploading of your answer file.

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