Examplify: Suspending an Exam

August 4, 2016 Rex McWilliams

Note: This feature is only available when building non-secure assessments, and must be enabled before posting the assessment.

With this feature enabled, Exam Takers will be able to suspend their exam, exam timer, and any alarms. The exam taker may choose to return to the exam at any time to complete. Exam Takers may also download and begin another exam while they have an exam in suspend mode.To suspend an exam, open the Exam Controls drop-down menu, and click to Suspend Exam.

A pop-up window will appear asking to confirm the suspension. You may return to the exam by clicking the Return to Exam option. At this point, the exam content will be inaccessible, however any timers or alarms will continue to count down accordingly.

Clicking the Suspend Exam button will begin the suspension. Examplify will work in the background, and the Exam Taker will be taken back to the Home Screen. From this screen, they will be able to see the suspended exam (marked with a large orange pause button), any completed exams, and any exams available for download. 

To resume the suspended exam, the Exam Taker must select the suspended exam, enter the exam password, and choose to Resume Exam. Once back in the exam, the exam timer and any alarms will resume their countdown(s) where they had left off.


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