Secure Exam Review on SofTest

September 23, 2016 Sofia Morales

Secure Exam Review allows Exam Takers to review completed assessments in a controlled environment with access to the questions and their responses.  Users can choose to have Exam Takers view all questions and answers, or only those items that were answered incorrectly. Additionally, the instructor’s rationale can be displayed for each question. 

The secure exam review is used only with assessments that have been created as secure exams.  A password must be imposed to prevent Exam Takers from opening the review session.

When posting an assessment, users will see the Secure Review section of their posting window. From here they will be able to select Immediately after an Assessment or Delayed Review from the Review Type drop-down.

Immediately after an Assessment 

The first option for setting up Secure Exam Review is to allow students to start the review immediately after they close their exam. Once a student opts to Save & Quit their exam, they will be prompted to enter Secure Review. 

1. Select Immediately after an Assessment
from the Review Type field.  Upon selecting
this, users will 
have multiple options to select.

2. Create a Review Password. This password
will be needed for students to start the review. 

3. Indicate a Time Limit for the review. Once the time limit expires, students will be kicked out of the exam. 

4. Other options for the Review:

a. Show Incorrect Answers Only – This will allow students to see only the questions that they answered incorrectly. 

b. Show Rationale – This will show the rationale with the question while in the review session.

Delayed Review

The second option for setting up Secure Exam Review is to set up a separate time when the Exam Review can begin. Once a student closes his or her exam and uploads it, SofTest will create a Review file for that exam on the device that the exam was taken on. There can only be one Delayed Review per exam. Students will start the review by selecting the review from the Take an Exam screen of SofTest. 

Select Delayed Review from the Review Type
field.  Upon selecting this, users will have
additional options to select.

1. Indicate a Review Password, Time Limit,
and the 
additional checked options just as
described for the 
Immediate Review

2. Indicate a Start Time. If the student attempts to open the review before the Start Time, they will receive an error message. 

3. Indicate a time to Delete by. This will remove the review file from the students’ computer preventing them from accessing it.

What Exam Takers See

1. Exam Takers will start the Exam Review. 

a. If Immediate Review is enabled, Exam Takers will be prompted to enter the review password to start the Review immediately after closing the Assessment.  

b. If Delayed Review is enabled, students will need to click Take an Exam from the SofTest home screen. They will then select the Review from the list of available exams. On SofTest, they will need to type in the original assessment password first, then type in the review password. On SofTest-M they will only need to enter the review password. Students will need an active internet connection to start the review. SofTest will start the review in secure mode.

2. If the options are enabled, they will be able to see the question stem, the answer choices, their answer choice, and an indication of the correct answer. 

3. When they’re completed, click Exit Review

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