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August 11, 2016 Sofia Morales

ExamSoft101 is the training program for institutions that are new to using ExamSoft. The training program consists of four or five web-based training sessions, hosted by one of our expert Training Specialists.

Each training session is approximately one hour in duration. To make the most of your training experience, it is recommended that you review the content below prior to each session and follow the "Before Training" steps. This will allow you to attend your training sessions with some familiarity to the software, come prepared with questions, and allow you to maximize your time with your Training Specialist.

The articles below include the target audience for each session, training topics, action items to complete before/after training, and links to helpful resources. 

Before diving in below, start by taking a practice exam and see the student experience first-hand!



Reports and Scoring Rubrics
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Reports and Scoring
Reports and Scoring

An overview of topics covered during the Reports & Scoring training session, how to prepare for training, a...

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Preventing Blocked Emails
Preventing Blocked Emails

Instructions on how to prevent ExamSoft portal e-mails from being blocked.