Reports and Scoring

August 11, 2016 Sofia Morales

The Reports and Scoring session is geared towards all members of your predefined user group that will participate in scoring adjustments, reviewing assessment analytics, reviewing student performance, and/or releasing results to exam takers. Topics covered during this session include: 


Before Training
1. Navigate to the Assessments tab
2. Locate the practice exam that you and faculty members completed
3. Click on the assessment name, then navigate to the Reporting/Scoring tab
4. Click on the Summary Report from the drop-down, then select "Use Top 25"


After Training
1. Practice adjust scoring options using the practice exam
2. Run each report and review results using the practice exam


Before Your First Exam
1. Ensure the questions on your first exam are tagged with questions to maximize your data
2. Determine your plan for reviewing results, adjusting scoring, and releasing results



 Did one of your students have to take their exam on paper because of a missing or broken device? You can import their answers to complete scoring and reporting within ExamSoft!

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