August 11, 2016 Sofia Morales

The Rubrics training session is geared towards users in the predefined super user group that will participate in creating rubrics, creating and posting performance assessments, grading performance assessments using rubrics, and/or analyzing rubrics reports. The topics covered during this session include:


Before Training
1. Create a rubric folder titled "Rubrics Practice"
2. Create a rubric and save to "Rubrics Practice" folder
3. Create a performance assessment, add a rubric, and save


After Training
1. Post the performance assessment 
2. Set Grader assignments
3. Grade the assessment


Before your First Exam
1. Create a rubric for your first performance assessment
2. Post the performance assessment
3. Set grader assignments (if applicable)



Have a paper, video, or other assignment you'd like to grade using Rubrics? Create a performance assessment and use the "Require Answer File" option to allow students to upload their assignments for grading!

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