WIRIS Equation and Formulae Editor

September 6, 2016 Rex McWilliams

What is the WIRIS Editor? 

The WIRIS Editor is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) formula editor, or equations editor. Using this editor, it is possible to edit any kind of content: mathematics, physics, and general sciences. The editor is designed to streamline the process of writing mathematical formulae.

Where do I access the WIRIS Editor?

Log in to your ExamSoft Portal, and navigate to create or edit any type of question. Above the text editor field, you will see a toolbar containing a number of options. Click the yellow square root button to open the WIRIS Editor. 

How do I use the WIRIS Editor?

Upon clicking this button, a new window will appear with all of the editor's options. Depending on the type of formulae you wish to write, click the corresponding tab to access the formula layouts.

From left to right, the tabs are: General, Symbols, Arrows, Greek letters and numbers, Matrices and elementary, Scripts and layout, Decorations, Big operators, Calculus, and Contextual. 

To the far right of the editor window, you also have the option to utilize your touch screen or mouse and keyboard to draw the symbols, characters, and numbers. Once the formula has been entered, the digitized version will appear in the lower right-hand corner. Click the Accept finalize your entry. If your entry is not digitized correctly, click Cancel to try again. 

Depending on the type of formulae you wish to write, you may need to mix and match different symbols, characters, and operators from each tab within the editor. 

To edit an equation without using a touch-screen or mouse & keyboard combination, begin by selecting the appropriate tab within the editor, choosing the proper equation setup / character, and type in the number or variable letter into the empty box within the text editor.

Click Accept to enter the equation or formulae into your question stem, otherwise click Cancel to start over.

Note, this is a third-party application. For more in-depth documentation, please navigate to the WIRIS User Manual to become fully acquainted with all of its functionalities.

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