How to Analyze Results - New Portal Beta

September 20, 2016 Sofia Morales

Once logged in, click on the Course Name to select the course to which the Assessment was posted.

Now, select the Assessment from this list.

By default, you will be brought to the Proctoring view of the exam. Click Reporting / Adjust Scoring to access the Reporting options.

By default, you will be brought to the Class view of the Report. If Students have uploaded their exam, you will be able to view the Basic Class Report. Included in this report will be the Mean, Median, High and Low scores. 

Beneath the statistics, you will see the list of questions, their weight, percentage of Students that have answered this Question correctly, as well as the point biserial score. The point biserial score represents the correlation between an Exam Taker's responses on an item and how the Exam Taker performed on the overall exam. Clicking on a Question within this list will show the Performance Stats and Adjustment options.

  • 1.00: Negative correlation
  • 0: No correlation
  • 1.00: Positive correlation

To view the results for a specific Student, we must first change the view from Class to Students. Click the View toggle switch in the upper right-hand corner to do so.


The page will refresh to show the Student Performance for the selected exam. From this page, you can search for Students, or select them from the list. Within the list, you will see the Exam Taker's name, ID, % Correct, and Raw Score. To view the student's report, click the View button within the Actions column to populate the report. 

Within the Student's report, you will see their name, ID, % Correct, and Raw score. Below these statistics will be the Question list and Answer choices, and Correct answers shown as bold entries. Within the list, any incorrect Answers given will be clearly marked with an Incorrect mark and red colors. 

In the upper right-hand corner of the report, you will be able to PrintExport, or return to the list of Exam Takers that have been scored up to this point.



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