Creating a Multiple Choice Question - New Portal Beta

September 20, 2016 Kelly Basara

All question types may be created one of two ways, either within a Course, or when building an Assessment. Since the creation process is the same for both, we'll show the process once a Course has been selected.

Create a Multiple Choice Question

1. From the My Courses screen, select the Course.

Clicking the expand icon  will allow you to add more columns to the grid if there are any not being displayed. 


2. Select the Questions sub-tab.

3. Click the green plus sign to the left. Select Multiple Choice.

4. The New Multiple Choice Question creation window will open to the right. You may begin by entering the Question Title and Question.


5. In the provided boxes below, enter your Answer Choices.

  • Utilize the Add Answer Choice button if needing to add more than the default four (4) answer choices.
  • Utilize the Camera button to attach an inline image for the question or answer choice

  • Utilize the Formula button to open the formula editor. For more information regarding the WIRIS Formula Editor, click here to read our guide

  • Utilize the Check mark button to signify the correct answer choice(s).
  • Utilize the Lock button on the right hand side to an answer choice to lock that answer choice in place for instances where Randomize Choices is selected.
  • Utilize the Trash button on the right hand side of an answer choice to remove it.

6. If there is more than one correct answer, commonly referred to as a Multiple Answer Question, the following two options will appear:

  • Allow Partial Credit - If multiple answers are selected as correct, this option will give the student partial credit for selecting at least one of the correct answers.
  • Allow Unlimited Selections - Just like Select All That Apply, if multiple answers are selected as correct, this option will require the student to select all the correct answers to get any points for the question.

7. Add Rationale to provide feedback on a question during a Secure Exam Review, or when releasing results to Exam Takers.

8. Add Categories by clicking the green plus button, and selecting the appropriate categories for this question. For more information about adding categories, click here to read the Tagging a Question with Categories guide.

9. Add Attachments by dragging files into the window, or by clicking the link to browse your computer. Question attachments will be displayed when a student navigates to the question, and can be closed / reopened as many times as they may need. 

10. Lastly, Save the question.

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