Creating a New Course - New Portal Beta

September 20, 2016 Kelly Basara

Upon logging in, you will be brought to either the My Departments page, or the My Courses page. In this section, Institution Adminstrators and Department Administrators can add new courses, manage, and delete all created courses.

To navigate to your courses, select the appropriate Department from the list to display all Courses within that Department. From here, you may create a new course.

Creating a Course

1) Click the  button.

2) Enter in the necessary course Information.

  • Department - Select which department of your Institution that will have access to this course.
  • Course ID - Unique identifier for the course.
  • Course Name - Name that will appear when selecting course.
  • Course Admin (optional) - All Course Admins selected in this field will have access to view this course in the new portal.
  • Department Admin - Once the department is selected, all Department Admins, with access to this course, will be listed. 
  • Institution Admin - Once the department is selected, all Institution Admins, with access to this course, will be listed.
  • Start Date/End Date - Assessments can only be delivered to this course in the date range provided.
  • Course Threshold - This slider bar will allow the user to set custom-defined thresholds for the course. This threshold can be set to indicate students that need improvement per assessment, course, and department. Scores below the first percentage will mark the students as "Need Review". Scores below the second percentage will mark students as " Need Improvement / At Risk". By default, the ranges are set to 70% / 60%. Note, setting these ranges is required in order to create the course.

3) Click Save to finalize.

4) A green confirmation popup will appear letting you know your Course was successfully created.

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