Replicating NCLEX Question Types

November 17, 2016 Rex McWilliams

Disable Backward Navigation

The NCLEX does not allow Exam Takers to navigate to questions they have already answered. You can achieve this functionality while you are building the assessment.

  1. Navigate to the bottom portion of the page to the 'Options to Enable' section.
  2. Be sure to deselect 'Backward Navigation', as this option defaults to selected.

Select All That Apply

'Select All That Apply' options are common on the NCLEX. To avoid the exam taker being 'tipped' to how many answers are required, the individual question needs to be configured in a specific way.

  1. Navigate to the Questions Tab
  2. Indicate by selecting the 'Correct' box to the right of the distractors, which are the required answers
  3. Navigate to the 'Options' section
  4. Choose 'Select All That Apply'

Note, this will not limit how many answer choices an Exam Taker may select. The Exam Taker will not be 'tipped' indicating the number of correct answers.

Hot Spot Question Work-Around

While we currently do not offer the functionality to allow Hot Spot question types, we can closely replicate what the students will see on the NCLEX.

  1. Navigate to the Questions Tab
  2. Create a new Multiple Choice Question
  3. Upload an image with letters/numbers to present different areas of the image

4. Configure the answer choices to align with the diagram. You can add/remove answer choices indicated below.

Note, you can create this question to require the Exam Taker to Select All That Apply by following the process to enable that feature.

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