Archiving an Assessment - New Portal Beta

January 18, 2017 Rex McWilliams

Archiving an assessment is a useful cleanup feature. While none of the data associated with an archived assessment is ever changed or removed, the assessment itself cannot be seen when viewing the courses home page. Archiving can only be applied to posted assessments. 

From the courses home page, locate the assessment for which you wish to archive. Click the Pencil icon in-line with its name.

Clicking the expand icon  will allow you to add more columns to the grid if there are any not being displayed.

Navigate to the assessment's post settings page. Click More at the far right of the page, then click Archive.


A small message will appear asking you to confirm this action. If so, click Archive once again.

The assessment will now be archived from the standard view. If you wish to include it within the list of assessments when viewing the course, click the Filter button at top-right corner of the assessment list. Choose to Include Archived Assessments, and click Apply Filters.

The list will then refresh to show any archived assessments.

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