Editing a Course - New Portal Beta

January 30, 2017 Kelly Basara

If you are a Department Level Admin or an Institution Level Admin, you may need to edit Course information within the portal. Editing a course will allow you to add or remove Course Admins (or Instructors), change Departments, and more.

Editing a Course

1) Click the Pencil Icon  in the Actions column in My Courses to edit any course information.

2) From the Edit Course page, you can edit the following information:

  • Department
  • Course ID
  • Course Name
  • Course Admin - Within the Course Admin field, you are able to add any Course Admins, or Instructors, within your Institution.
  • Start Date/End Date - This information can be changed for both Active and Inactive Courses.
    *Once an Inactive Course has present dates selected, this will change the Course back to being Active, and allow assessments to be posted.
  • Course Threshold - This slider bar will allow the user to set custom-defined thresholds for the course. This threshold can be set to indicate students that need improvement per assessment, course, and department. Scores below the first percentage will mark the students as "Need Review". Scores below the second percentage will mark students as " Need Improvement / At Risk". By default, the ranges are set to 70% / 60%. Note, if you choose to edit the threshold(s), they must not be in conflict before saving. 

3) Click Save to finalize any changes.

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