Essay Grading - New Portal Beta

January 31, 2017 Kelly Basara

Users are able to grade essays online to include personalized comments to each student's response. Basic Grading will allow anyone with access to the assessment to grade all student's responses for a particular question. 

Basic Grading of Essays

1. Navigate to the Assessments tab within your Course.

2. Select a posted assessment.

3. Go to the Grading sub-tab within the assessment. 

4. On the Questions Requiring Grading page, depending on which view is selected, you will see the following:

  • View: Questions - A list of all essay questions within the assessment.

  • View: Students - A list of all students who submitted their exam.


Basic Grading by Students

1. Select the pencil icon  next to the Student to be graded.

2. A new window will appear with a list of all students to be graded, along with the grading status. Click Start Grading to begin grading.

3. Simply input the student's score for each essay question. You can easily toggle between Question #'s by clicking the Previous and Next buttons.

A User can add Grader Notes if desired. Type the note in the field provided and click Add Note once finished. All notes will be saved and listed with the date/time, as shown below, with options to Edit or Delete any notes.

4. Once the scoring is completed, choose Score and Continue, which will proceed to the next question (if applicable). 

5. The Start Grading window should now reflect the score given to the student, with a Green Checkmark in the Graded column.

In order to grade the next student, follow the process of Steps #1-4 over again. Once all students have been graded, the Grading sub-tab will represent that.

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