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January 31, 2017 Kelly Basara

Creating a Category Type

With the proper User rights, you will be able to create new Category type, and any parent / sub-categories as well.

1. Once logged in, click the Admin tab. Select Category Management.

2. You may or may not see a number of category types already in the system. Click the Add New box to create a new category type.

3. Begin by filling in the Category Type Name. You may also fill in a description for this new category type.

4. If applicable, you can extend Edit Permissions to other Users. Begin by typing their name, and select the appropriate User from the window. Alternatively, you may click the Browse More link to open a list of all Users.

5. Choose whether or not to Lock this category. Doing so will prohibit Course Administrators from tagging questions with this category type. This feature is best used with internal category types, and not for your learning objectives.

6. When creating a new category type, you choose all departments that will have tagging privileges. Begin by finding the name of the department within the list and either toggle on or off that particular departments privilege to tag questions with this category type. You can even choose to limit privileges to specific courses within a department; to do so, begin typing the name of the courses. 

7. Lastly, you can choose whether this category type will be used for "Internal Use Only". If you would like to create categories for use of tracking purposes within your institution and not show these internal categories to students in the Category Performance section when releasing results, select this option.


Adding Another Category

Adding another category creates a sub-category under the selected category type.

1. From the Categories Management page, select the category type where you wish to create a new category.

2. A new page will populate with all of the selected category type's sub-categories. To create a new category, click the green plus symbol to the left of the screen.

3. The Create Category window will populate to the right. Begin by typing in the Category Name, and adding a Description if necessary. The description field will not appear on any reporting. 

4. Once complete, click Save to finalize the creation of categories for this category type. Alternatively, you may click the Save & Add Another to continue creating more categories for this category type.

5. Clicking either button will save the category into the system, and will present a green confirmation message within the upper-right hand corner of the page.

6. Clicking the Cancel button will return you to the list of categories under that category type. To create sub-categories, click on the category name or Gear icon.

7. Clicking the expand icon  will allow you to add more columns to the grid if there are any not being displayed.

8. From this point, you can create any number of new sub-categories in the same fashion by which new categories were created.

9. When new sub-categories are created and saved under a category, the list will update to reflect the number of sub-categories beneath each category.

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