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February 8, 2017 Kelly Basara

Question History allows the User to view the data collected of the performance of a question.

Accessing Question History

1) Select your Course from the My Courses page.

2) Choose the Questions sub-tab.

3) Select the pencil icon  for the desired question.

4) From the new window, you can select Version History in two ways:

  • Simply click the Version History link provided.
  • Click the Actions drop-down and choose Version History.

5) The Version History window will now appear. From this window, you are able to determine both the Version History and Version Performance History for the selected question.


Viewing Question Version History

When viewing the Version History, the current question revision will always appear at the top with a green Active notation.

When selecting different versions, the version currently being views will be highlighted in light yellow. You can note the changes made to the specific question being looked at highlighted as well.

You can simply revert back to a previous question history by clicking the Revert To This Version option.

A warning message will be shown, ensuring you that all question versions, including newer version, will always be saved.

Viewing Questions Version Performance

The Version Performance Across All Exams will provide more detailed performance information, such as question psychometrics, for each of the question revisions, but based on each assessment that the questions was used on.

  • Correct - Shows the percentage of students that have answered the question correctly.
  • Point Biserial - Shows the point biserial for the question revision.
  • Upper 27% - Shows the percentage of the upper 27% of students that have answered the question correctly.
  • Lower 27% - Shows the percentage of the lower 27% of students that have answered the question correctly.
  • Discrimination Index - Shows the discrimination index for the question revision.
  • Difficulty Index - Shows the difficulty index for the question revision.
  • # Not Attempted - Shows the number of students that did not attempt to answer the question.
  • Avg. Ans. Time - Prints average answer time of the specific question revision, if taken by students on an exam.

In order to view the Version Performance based on the assessment that the question was used on, simply click the drop-down arrow provided next to the particular revision. The same information will be displayed.

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