Adjusting Question Weight & Scoring - New Portal Beta

February 8, 2017 Rex McWilliams

Users are able to adjust the weight of a question, the correct answer for each question within an assessment, or add accepted answers for a question. Users may also wish to give full credit to all students, give partial credit for any adjusted answers, throw out the question, or, assign as a bonus question.

Please note, any adjustments will only affect the current assessment. To update the question permanently, create a new revision of the question.

Adjusting Questions

Begin by logging in. Click the Course Name where the assessment was posted to.

Clicking the expand icon  will allow you to add more columns to the grid if there are any not being displayed.

Next, select the assessment where you'll need to make adjustments to questions. Click its Name to continue.

Click the Reporting / Adjust Scoring sub-tab.

From this tab, you will see the various statistics, high and low scores, as well as the KR-20 score for this assessment. Scroll down the page, and click the Pencil icon to begin the adjusting process for any question


Adjusting Weight

At the top of the screen, you will see a multitude of information. Most importantly, you will be able to adjust the question's weight here. Input a new number, and click Save


Adjust Scoring Options

When adjusting questions, users have either 3 or 4 adjusting options to choose from: Give Full Credit to All Exam TakersThrow Out Questions, Assign as Bonus Question, or Give Partial Credit for any Correct Answers. This final option is only available on questions where more than one answer correct answer choice is available.

Give Full Credit to all Exam Takers - This scoring option will award full credit for this question to all students that were assigned this assessment. Any student that previously answered this question correctly will see no change to their raw, points, or percentage score. Any student that previously skipped or otherwise answered this question incorrectly will see an increase of 1 to their raw score, as well as an increase to their percentage and points score appropriate to the question's weight.

Throw Out Questions - This scoring option will make the weight of the question 0, and remove it from the assessment reports.

Assign as Bonus Question - This scoring option will remove the question from counting towards the overall available points on the assessment. If students were to answer a bonus question as well as all other questions correctly, their percentage and other scores will be over 100.

Give Partial Credit for any Correct Answers - This scoring option will award partial credit to the students that choose the selected correct answers. Their scoring increases will depend on 2 factors: the overall weight of the question, and how many correct answers they've selected. For example, a question's weight is 1, and the correct answer choices are A, B, and C (each having a weighted value of .333 repeated). If a student selects 2 out of the 3 correct answers, they will see an increase of .66.


Answer Choices

Below the list of adjusting options will be a table of Answer Choices. Many times, a user will need to adjust the answer for Fill in the Blank question types when discretion is appropriate. Within the table, mark given answers as correct by ticking their check-box within the Adjust Answer column.

Once you've made your adjustments, click Save. The question list for this assessment will update to show what adjustments were made.

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