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February 9, 2017 Kelly Basara

The Resume Code is a number that needs to be entered into Examplify in the event the computer is turned off mid-exam. If a computer is turned off and if they computer remains off for a time longer than the Rebooter Time Limit,  the student will be prompted to enter a resume code in order to reenter the exam. This prevents students from shutting off their devices for long periods of time without the direction of a proctor.

You have two options when providing a resume code. You can provide a resume code that can only be used by that student on that assessment or you can provide a Universal Resume Code which can be used by all students on the assessment. We have detailed both below:

To Generate an Individual Resume Code

1) Log on to the ExamSoft Portal.

2) Choose your course from the My Courses page, and navigate to the Assessments tab.

3) Choose the desired assessment.

4) Select the Proctoring sub-tab within the assessment.

5) Enter in the code from the student's Examplify screen (in this example: 342230) in the Continuation Code box in the portal.

6) Hit the Submit button and receive the Individual Resume Code in a new pop-out window (in this example: 43A38).

Keep in mind, the code printed on the student's Examplify screen is unique. If the wrong code is entered, the portals Continuation Code box will prompt so.

7) Enter the Individual Resume Code in the box provided in Examplify. The student will now be able to continue with the assessment.

To Retrieve the Universal Resume Code

This code is unique to each assessment and can be used for any student is has been posted to. It will be provided when initially creating the assessment and can be retrieved after the assessment is posted.

1) The Universal Resume Code will be automatically generated under the Security Options dialog within the Assessment Options tab and cannot be edited. This code can be viewed in this location during the assessment creation process or after the exam has been posted.

2) This code can also be viewed in Proctoring tab within the assessment; Just click the link Show Universal Resume Code in order to view the code.

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