WIRIS Equation and Formulae Editor - New Portal Beta

May 17, 2017 Rex McWilliams

What is the WIRIS Editor?

The WIRIS Editor is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) formula editor, or equations editor. Using this editor, it is possible to edit any kind of content: mathematics, physics, and the sciences. The editor is designed to streamline the process of writing variations of complex mathematical formulae.

Accessing the WIRIS Editor

1. Login to the Portal. Choose a Course from the list.

Clicking the expand icon  will allow you to add more columns to the grid if there are any not being displayed.

2. Click the Green + symbol to create any new type of question.

3. Begin by filling in the Question Title or Question text. Within the question text field, you will see the Formula Editor icon to the far right.

Clicking this icon will open a new pop-up window containing all of the formulaic editing options. Depending on the type of formulae you wish to insert, click its corresponding tab to access the different formulaic layouts.

From left to right, the formulaic options are: GeneralSymbolsArrowsGreek letters and numbers, Matrices and elementaryScripts and layoutDecorationsBig operatorsCalculus, and Contextual.

4. Create your equation using the selecting the appropriate operands, symbols, matrices, etc. Depending on the selections you've made, you will need to fill in the appropriate symbol, number, or letter within the small box to complete that portion of the formula.

5. Click Insert to insert the formula.

To the far right of this editor window, you also have the option to utilize your touchscreen or mouse-and-keyboard to draw the symbols, characters, letters, and numbers.

Once the formula has been entered, the digitized version will appear in the lower right-hand corner. If you made a mistake, click the Undo button, or alternatively use the Eraser icon to fix a small mistake. If you need to reset the entire equation, click the Trash icon. Click Accept to finalize your entry.

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