How to Create Select all that Apply Question Types

February 24, 2017 Rex McWilliams

Log into your Portal, and navigate to Questions.

Click the Create M/C button.

Begin by filling in the required information, as well as the Question and the necessary number of Answer Choices

Once you're satisfied with the question, mark the check-box for Select All That Apply.

With this option selected, you are able to designate multiple correct answer choices. 

Please note:

  • A select all that apply question type does not provide partial credit for exam takers that do not select all of the designated correct answers. If an exam taker chooses incorrectly, or fails to choose a single correct response, the entire question is marked as incorrect.
  • A select all that apply question will not limit how many answer choices the exam taker may select.
  • When adjusting the answer choices for a Select all that Apply question type, please keep in mind that this question type will not allow for partial credit scoring. For more information regarding adjusting answers, please refer to our Adjusting Questions and Answer Key guide.


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