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March 1, 2017 Kelly Basara

Exam Taker Groups will designate specific sections or unique groups of Exam Takers that will be administered assessments. For example, Exam Takers can be categorized based on their academic year, campus, or college within a university. This feature is best utilized with Exam Takers that may be enrolled in the same courses, but located on different campuses. Users sort, filter, and analyze the data separately in a number of different reports. If you do not see this option available, please reach out to your Customer Success Specialist to have it enabled.

Creating Exam Taker Groups as an Institution/Department Level Admin

1) Once logged into the new portal, click on the Admin tab in the top right corner.

2) Select Group Management from the drop-down.

3) Choose Create Student Group

4) Fill in the new Exam Taker Group information:

  • Group Name - Identifies the Exam Taker Group; allotted 255 characters.
  • Group Description (optional) - Add a description to distinguish the group from others; the description field is only visible internally and allotted 2048 characters.
  • Additional Edit Permissions (optional) - Administrators who have access to this group will be show here. If any additional Administrators need access, simply start typing their name in the field provided in order to allow them permission to this group.

5) Once an Exam Taker Group is created, click Save. The newly created group will be listed with all other groups on the Group Management home page.

  • Group Name - Identifies the Exam Taker Group. 
  • # of Students - Shows the numerical value of how many Exam Takers, or students, are assigned to this particular group.

Keep in mind, clicking on the Group Name directly will bring you to a new page listing all the students assigned to that particular group.

Creating Exam Taker Groups as a Course Level Admin

1) Navigate to the appropriate course listed in My Courses.

2) Select the Students sub-tab.

3) Ensure the Student Groups column is visible.

4) Click on the number listed within the Student Groups column for the necessary Exam Taker.

5) From the drop-down, click Create Student Group.

6) A new modal window will appear where you can fill in the new Exam Taker Group information:

7) When finished, select Save. The newly created groups will now be listed under that Exam Takers Account.


Editing Exam Taker Groups

1) From the Group Management home page, click on the Gear icon next to the Group Name that needs to be edited. 

4) Adjust the appropriate information, as needed.

5) When finished, select Update.

Note, this project is under constant development and is subject to change at any time. Please check back often as any changes made to the system will be reflected on these documents.

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