PrintX 2 Release Notes - 3/29/2017

March 29, 2017 Aubri Bleacher


  • Increased printing speed by updating to HTML printing
  • Added prompt to alert user when a new version of PrintX is available
  • Updated the prompt that shows when an outdated version of PrintX is being used to include instructions for downloading the newest version
  • Added labels to lead users through the exam selection process
  • Updated ET Groups to show only when ET Groups are enabled for the institution
  • Changed the “Printed Assessments” option to “Hide Previously Printed Assessments”  - when selected, assessments that have already been printed will not show in the exam list
  • Changed the “Missing Answer Files” option to “Include Missing Answers” - when selected, students without an upload will show
  • Updated exam selection page to clear all previous selections when a new exam is selected
  • Display dates in the format designated in user’s computer settings
  • Updated Bad Print Log to display automatically when generated
  • Fixed inconsistencies with header and footer lines
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