Importing Students & Student Data - New Portal Beta

May 18, 2017 Rex McWilliams

Importing allows Administrators to add multiple Exam Takers and Courses at once. This is important as assessments are assigned to Courses, which are then assigned to individual Exam Takers within that Course. Additionally, you can categorize Exam Takers based on their academic year, campus, or college within a university using groups.

To Import Any Data

1) Open the Admin drop-down menu, and choose Users.

2) Select the Students sub-tab.

3) Click Import.

4) Review the XLS Template to create a data file.

5) All cells in the spreadsheet need to be formatted as Text. Select cells and right click to choose Format Cells in number column, select Text and click Ok.

6) Create data files and save as .XLS or .XLSX.

7) Select Choose Files, locate file, and select Open. The file will automatically begin importing.


Importing Exam Taker Information

Users can import all pertinent information about each Exam Taker. Exam Taker can be assigned accommodation groups for special assessment requirements (i.e. extended time and non-secure). Within this import, Users can match Exam Takers to their courses to make assessments available for download. All information can be edited later as needed.

1) To create a data file, review column headings in the sample file.

2) Enter Exam Taker information into the appropriate column fields.

  • ExamTakerID - The Alphanumeric Identifier for the Exam Taker.
  • LName - Exam Takers Last Name.
  • FName - Exam Taker First Name.
  • Email - The Email Address for the Exam Taker where all email notifications will be sent.
  • LabEquip - n = Personal computer, y = lab user (If student is using both a lab device and a personal computer, input 0).
  • NonSecure - 0 = Secure, 1 = Non-Secure, for all assessments.
  • ExtraTime - 0 = No Extra Time, 150 = 150% Extra Time, 200 = 200% Extra Time, for all assessments.
  • Groups - Enter Group Name. Separate groups with a single comma, and single space.**
  • CourseID - Unique Identifier for the Course.

3) Save the file as either an .XLS or .XLSX file.

**Note, groups must be created before attempting to import students to them. 

Note, this project is under constant development and is subject to change at any time. Please check back often as any changes made to the system will be reflected on these documents.

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